7 Wacky Places To Grow Food

There are tons of environmental, health, and personal benefits to growing your own food. A garden can be a great way to produce cheap, local, organic, and delicious food for you and your family. However many of us (particularly fellow urban dwellers) are stopped because we don’t think we have a space to grow. One solution is to join a local community garden if your neighborhood has one. Another is to use one of these creative ideas for growing food in unlikely spaces:

Photo Credit: soula pefkaros

Photo Credit: soula pefkaros

1) Feed Your Family from Your Pool: The Garden Pool is one of the most impressive projects I’ve come across. This family has turned an old backyard pool into an urban greenhouse. The garden pool produces enough food to feed their family of four. In addition to growing veggies they raise chicken and fish producing 8 eggs a day, unlimited tilapia fish, fruits, veggies, & herbs.

2) Turn Your Window into a Mini Farm: Windowfarms is a place for open source innovations that allow people to create vertical gardens in their window. Founder Britta Riley developed a system for growing plants in discarded bottles and has used a community of other window farmers to test and improve the system.

3) Take Advantage of Cracks: Have you ever seen plants struggling for life in between cracks in the pavement? The “Crack Garden” movement takes advantage of these tiny access points to ground and turns them into mini gardens.

4) Grow In Gutters: It’s not easy to grow in the cold glacial soil of Juneau, Alaska but that didn’t stop Suzanne Forsling. She’s using gutters to get home grown veggies in her northern home.

5) Create a Pallet Garden: Vertical gardening is a great way to grow a lot of food in a small space. Container gardening blog Life on the Balcony shows how you can turn a pallet into an efficient growing space.

6) Use the Roof: People in New York City are setting sites for their urban farms a little higher. Roof top farms are claiming the tops of New York’s buildings for commercial agriculture where farmers are growing everything from arugula to zucchini.

7)Take Advantage of Trees: In San Francisco, Guerilla Grafters are adding fruit-blooming branches to city trees. Their increases public access to fruit and uses the trees the city has already planted.

What these projects prove is that tasty food can be grown wherever you live. You just need water, light, and a little ingenuity.

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