A Curbside Composting Program Sprouts in Baltimore

The greener-minded love the idea of composting. But do they actually compost? The lack of space, threat of rodents, wrong equipment, or odor deter many of us from halting our endless stuffing of food down garbage disposals and instead producing abundant soil, while keeping methane at bay.

This is especially true for busy city-dwellers. That’s why Compost Cab sprouted up in Washington, D.C. recently and is now rolling its way into two Baltimore City neighborhoods (Charles Village and Canton) to remove the yuck from the composting cycle for the masses.

How does it work? Sign up on the Compost Cab website and a cab brings by a kit that includes a liner, bin, and guide. Once a week, Curbside picks up your compost and replaces your liner. It’s $32 a month, and after three months, composters have an option to receive abundant, plant-producing soil in correlation to the amount of compost they produce.

Curbside composting programs like Compost Cab are nothing new; we wrote about the troubles that cities like San Francisco (which has had some type of compost program for 16 years!) face when dealing with the Big Trash lobby to keep its urban composting rights. This does appear to be the first program of its kind in Baltimore City, however.

With just 50 subscribers, Compost Cab will likely launch its service in a city near you. So who’s next?

As Compost Cab puts it, “We look forward to working with you to build a greener, healthier, more sustainable city, one bag of food scraps at a time.”


compost (Photo credit: morganthemoth)

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A California-native, Jasmine Touton - who is also a Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation Inc. - spent much of her time growing up outdoors and under water. She's passionate about finding and lifting up innovative ways we can all work to preserve and protect the great outdoors for future generations. Read more.

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