April Is National Garden Month

Boston: Public Garden

Boston: Public Garden (Photo credit: wallyg)

By now, most of the country is showing some bloom in the landscape even if it may not quite be time to put tender plants in the ground. Serious gardeners have been scrounging garden catalogues since January and sharpening their tools in preparation for digging. To mark this national greening, The National Garden Association has declared April National Garden Month.

Even if you do not have what could officially qualify as a garden in the strictest sense of the word, there are ways you can join in the celebration.

1. Visit a public garden: Most urban areas have beautiful public gardens in or nearby. They often offer lectures and tours to explain what is growing in them. If you are a gardener you may be inspired to grow something new. If you don’t garden, it’s an opportunity to be transported to a serene and beautiful vacation from stress.

2. Plant an herb pot: Herbs grow well in posts and can provide even apartment dwellers with some sense of a harvest. Plus, many herbs can be kept going all year long, doubling as home decoration and culinary or medicinal value.

3. Join a CSA: CSAs, or community-supported agriculture, are made up of small farmers with access to a city who can provide you with regularly scheduled produce during the active growing season. Sometimes the produce is delivered to your door and other farmers deliver to a central location for pickup. It’s a great way to experience new vegetables and get the freshest possible produce.

4. Make gardening easy with a garden app: There are garden apps to tell you when, where, and how to plant anything in your area. There is even an app that will lead you to a farmers market where you can sell your harvested produce or buy someone else’s.

5. Garden coupons: If you are ready to start digging in the dirt, there are a number of retailers who are offering special savings on your supplies.

I hope by now we can put away any thoughts of winter and enjoy what the next few months will bring us as nature blooms anew. Here are 101 ways you can enjoy National Garden Month and gardening throughout the season.

What are you doing to celebrate National Garden Month?

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