Raising Awareness of Climate Change Through Art

Château des Ducs – Isaac Cordal (Photo credit: Objectif Nantes)

Climate change has long been one of our recurring topics here at UNspOILed – no surprise given its importance to the future of the environment. However, because it is such a frequent topic, it can be easy to ignore yet another article discussing it. With this kind of awareness fatigue, it becomes imperative to craft new and innovative ways of presenting the issue.

One innovative way is through art. An excellent example of this is the work of Isaac Cordal, an artist who constructs small but powerful scenes around …read more

From Research to Change: The importance of communicating effectively

In a recent interview in The New York Times, the actor Alan Alda discusses how he combined his career in acting and interest in science to help start The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, located at Stony Brook University. He notes the importance of scientists learning how to effectively talk about their work:

Image of Alan Alda taken at the World Science Festival launch press conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“[…] Scientists often don’t speak to the rest of us the way they would if we were standing there full of curiosity. They sometimes spray information at us without …read more

How to Talk to a Climate Change Denier

Environmental advocates do a lot of things right; their level of enthusiasm, devotion and innovation are incredible. But one thing they often struggle with is communicating their message to those who do not agree with them. Those who work to stop the effects of climate change are often disregarded as leftist radicals who lack a solid grounding. Much of that comes from the way in which many of them try to communicate their message.

Following is a video of George Marshall of the Climate Outreach & Information Network, based in the UK. He is working to change the way in …read more