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Crystal Plew and Devon Lyttle show off their favorite water bottles.

Crystal Plew and Devon Lyttle show off their favorite water bottles.

Who doesn’t like a great app – one that is entertaining, educational and/or makes your day-to-day tasks a step easier?   At Unspoiled.org, we love apps that empower us,  those galvanizing us to DO what you REALLY WANT … save money, practice a hobby, eat better, attend a place of worship, exercise more … go a step farther in being our best selves.

Amazi is one app we love. Crystal Plew and Devin Lyttle, founders of Amazi, created an app to make it easy to find locations to fill eco-friendly containers with clean, fresh water across the United States.

Amazi, which means “water” in Rwanda, is dedicated to ending the consumption of bottled water by offering a sensible alternative, and aiding in the clean water crisis around the globe.  This app allows users to search by location – businesses, campuses, city water stations, and more!  – where to fill re-useable water containers as easily as buying bottled water.

In addition to providing the locations of clean water from fountains, faucets and filtered water dispensers, Amazi provides data on the municipal water supply so users can make informed decisions regarding the quality of their water.  Also, a portion of profits are donated to fund relief in developing countries.

In the podcast below, Plew and Lyttle explain how they came upon the idea for this app, and where, as social entrepreneurs, they hope to go next:


Amazi is finalizing the development of this app, expecting Podcast with Crystal Plew and Devin Lyttle to launch in July 2013 – just in time for summer!  You can lend your voice to the project in the meantime by answering a few quick questions.   Find out more here.

Looking for some other useful environmental apps?

  • Good Guide:  A mobile app making it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green and ethical products, instantly delivering the information you need, when you need it most – in the store and on the go.
  • GreenDrive:  A mobile app to help motorists find the most efficient way to travel from one location to another. The application analyzes road conditions and generates the shortest route you can take to get to your destination in the quickest time allowed by law.
  • iRecycle:  A mobile app making it easy to search how and where to recycle an item or product based on your location/zip code.
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