Really Simple Ways To Go Green

Inspired by Real Simple magazine’s readers sharing the “little ways they’ve gone green,” I collected my friend’s and family’s day-to-day efforts to be more environmentally-responsible:

1_Demetria Barrett Demetria Barrett – Limits the amount of garbage she produces by scrutinizing items going into her trash can.
2_Rob Dickerson Rob Dickerson – Eliminates disposable take-out containers by not taking restaurant leftovers home.
3_Christine Drumgoole Transforms and revitalizes second-hand furniture documented on her blog, Decorum DIYER.
4_Erin Drumgoole Erin Drumgoole – Shares that her family’s “Paperless Kitchen,” exhibited in her Getting Greener blog post, is still going strong!
 5_Kristy Gizinski  Kristy Gizinski – Reuses bags, bottles and plastic containers.
 6_Kathleen Holmes  Kathleen Holmes – Repurposes pigs blood as a natural deer repellent for her yard and garden.
 7_Deborah Kerns  Deborah Kernes – Uses Melaleuca Eco-Sense products, which contain no harsh chemicals including chlorine bleach, ammonia, phthalates or formaldehyde.
 8_Aaron Knizner  Aaron Knizner – Grows food his family enjoys eating.
 9_Suzanne Knizner  Suzanne Knizner – Reduces resources needed to make new clothes, as well as lessen landfill waste, by buying second-hand clothing.
 10_Marie Lilly Marie Lilly – Supports local Farmer’s Markets, including the 32nd Street Farmer’s Market in Baltimore.
 11_Sharon Rabb Sharon Rabb – Composts food and yard waste.
 12_Rachel Roth Rachel Roth – Strives to commute by bike whenever possible, and drives a Prius in between.
 13_Lisa Van Auken  Lisa Van Allen – Practices Vegetarianism, the act of abstaining from the consumption of red meat, poultry, seafood and the flesh of any other animal.  For those health and eco-conscience meat-eaters, Lisa suggests participating in Meatless Mondays.

Having read this – what is a simple act that you could incorporate into your day for the good of the environment?




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