Green Energy: No Longer Just for the Rich and Powerful

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Short of erecting a wind turbine in your own backyard, cleaner energy has always seemed inaccessible to the regular consumer, lower-income communities, and cause-based organizations.

Suddenly, through collective purchasing power, that hypothetical wind turbine feels within reach. Enter Groundswell, a non-profit organization devoted to helping communities to unlock shared economic power when it comes to living more sustainably.

Three former campaigners for President Obama in 2008 started Groundswell after realizing the impact community organizing could have on the political sphere. Why couldn’t they bring that power to non-profits, churches and individuals looking for a green and low cost way to meet their energy needs?

Groundswell helps communities leverage this power to gain wind-powered electricity at a reduced cost and upgrade homes for energy efficiency.

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 Posted By: Jasmine Touton

Project Specialist

Campaign Consultation, Inc.

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A California-native, Jasmine Touton - who is also a Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation Inc. - spent much of her time growing up outdoors and under water. She's passionate about finding and lifting up innovative ways we can all work to preserve and protect the great outdoors for future generations. Read more.

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