Lethal Injections … of Liquid Waste

Injections evoke fear in most. Whether the image of a needle or the idea of forcing foreign matter into the human body, the aversion is valid.

With a new report from ProPublica, there’s another type of injection that should scare you: the injection of 30 trillion tons of toxic liquid deep into the earth.

The report outlines how these illegal procedures have gone unchecked over the past several decades, and consequently leaked toxic waste under layers of rock. Records show that waste dumpers drill down beneath the earth to dump waste in these “wells”.

While the practice of waste well drilling is legal, drillers take shortcuts and inject waste fluid into the ground at a higher pressure than is legal. The pressure causes fissures in the ground, damages well caps, and causes the sledge water to leak onto the surface and sometimes shallow aquifers that store some of our nation’s drinking water.

The report sites that drillers have exceeeded pressure limits more than 1,100 times in the past  four years. That’s something everyone should be afraid of.

Read more about toxic fluid injections at Grist.org .

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A California-native, Jasmine Touton - who is also a Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation Inc. - spent much of her time growing up outdoors and under water. She's passionate about finding and lifting up innovative ways we can all work to preserve and protect the great outdoors for future generations. Read more.

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