Maryland’s choice: Renewable Energy or Fracking?

Mike Tidwell, Executive Director of CCAN

Mike Tidwell, Executive Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network presenting at MICA

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) has mobilized this month in opposition to Dominion Energy’s proposed natural gas liquefaction facility in Cove Point.  They are hosting meetings throughout the state to educate citizens on the project and its risks, inspire them to oppose the plant and provide opportunities to act via postcards and letters to Governor O’Malley.

This $3.8 billion would liquefy more than 750 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to be shipped to India and Japan. Not only would this put Maryland’s fragile east coast ecosystem at risk, but it would inspire fracking across the state.

But what about the jobs it could create? The energy independence? Isn’t natural gas clean energy?

The Facts:

  • According to Dominion, the Cove Point facility would create only 130 permanent jobs
  • The natural gas produced here would be shipped overseas, no cheap fuel for the U.S.
  • Yes, at the point of use, natural gas is 50% cleaner than coal (whoo hoo!)
  • Taken over the lifecycle of emissions: drilling/fracking, transportation, compression along the pipeline, liquefaction, and finally use; the greenhouse gas emissions of fracked and exported natural gas are AS BAD AS or potentially WORSE than coal.
  • For more specifics on the project, CCAN has produced an information sheet called the Pollution Path


Use Your Voice, a student group, is recognized as a local Climate Champion for its opposition to a waste to energy incinerator

Use Your Voice, a student group, is recognized as a local Climate Champion for its opposition to a waste to energy incinerator

At each tour stop the Chesapeake Climate Action Network is highlighting local leaders in the fight to slow Climate Change. This past Tuesday in Baltimore City, along with Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, Free Your Voice, a student group from Ben Franklin was recognized as a Climate Champion. These motivated young people mobilized their community to oppose the country’s largest waste-to-energy incinerator from being built a mile away from their school.


If you’d like to come out to one of CCAN’s tour stops, check out their calendar.  Have they already passed your town? There are plenty of ideas for action and ways to connect to make a difference at!


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