Neighborhood Visualizer Map Compares Resource Use in U.S. Cities

Want a better look at the resources and energy used in your neighborhood? There’s a map for that.

Thank the University of Lisbon and MIT for the creation of yet another map to help us understand the impact the human population has on this planet. This map combines data on population, energy use, and building resource intensity for neighborhoods across the United States.

According to the project’s website, the Neighborhood Visualizer map was created as an attempt to lessen the knowledge gap around spatial patterns related to material and energy use in our cities. The interactive map, accessed at, combines energy data from the residential zip code level and survey data from building construction methods to achieve its estimates.

Will this map influence city leaders or urban planners to consider material and energy costs in relation to neighborhood densities? The creators of the Neighborhood Visualizer simply say they hope to build intuition.

With a Google Maps-like feel, the ability to generate reports, and highly relevant data sets for urban planning, you may soon see this tool popping up in a city near you.

Read more at the Neighborhood Visualizer website.

By: Jasmine Totuon

Project Specialist

Campaign Consultation, Inc.

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A California-native, Jasmine Touton - who is also a Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation Inc. - spent much of her time growing up outdoors and under water. She's passionate about finding and lifting up innovative ways we can all work to preserve and protect the great outdoors for future generations. Read more.

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