Peak Oil and a Peek at Reducing your Oil Production at Work

Peak oil ahead

Peak oil ahead (Photo credit: Viktor Hertz)

CNN contributor David Frum seeks to re-define the term “peak oil” for the United States in his article ‘Peak oil doomsayers proven wrong’.

The term “peak oil” was used to refer to the speculation that the world was nearing its peak oil production rates five years ago and that sometime in the near future (now), oil production would begin to dry up.

Fast- forward to today. World oil production continues to rise. The United States will reclaim its spot atop the list of most oil producing countries in 2017.

Instead of throwing the term away, Frum reframes “peak oil” into: “…the peak that comes, not because we find less and less, but because we want less and less.”

While he covers how fracking, which is slightly better for our environment, is helping us want less and less, Frum doesn’t delve into how people outside of the oil business can reach that “peak” of wanting less and less.

It’s an important peak to reach because, as Frum points out, “Our oil problem is not that ‘we’re running out.’ Our oil problem is that we’re producing so much of the stuff that we are changing the planet’s climate.”

While most of those reading this blog probably have already taken individual steps to reduce oil dependence, have you thought about how you could sway your place of employment to take similar steps?

Here are some ideas:

  • Support telecommuting for distant business meetings and avoid flying.
  • Encourage your business to add a bike racks to their parking areas.
  • Before heading into work, make sure your tires are properly inflated and take unused items out of your trunk.
  • Ask your co-workers and supervisors to make it easier for you to carpool, through an office sign-up board, flex-hours, etc…
  • Bring an extra layer with you to work, and request that the heat be turned down

What would you add to this list? What does your office do?

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