Raising Awareness of Climate Change Through Art

Château des Ducs - Isaac  Cordal

Château des Ducs – Isaac Cordal (Photo credit: Objectif Nantes)

Climate change has long been one of our recurring topics here at UNspOILed – no surprise given its importance to the future of the environment. However, because it is such a frequent topic, it can be easy to ignore yet another article discussing it. With this kind of awareness fatigue, it becomes imperative to craft new and innovative ways of presenting the issue.

One innovative way is through art. An excellent example of this is the work of Isaac Cordal, an artist who constructs small but powerful scenes around tiny concrete statues. His series ‘Waiting for Climate Change’ was first placed on a small section of Depanne Beach in Belgium.

Small statue buried in sand

Photo via http://www.streetartutopia.com/

The characters are largely homogeneous, wearing suits and beleaguered expressions, and are placed in various extreme situations – being buried by sand or drowned in a slowly rising tide. The exhibition was later updated and held in the moat of Château des Ducs in France, showing the tiny business men up to their necks in water, floating passively in the castle moat.

These “ephemeral installations”, to use the artist’s own words, are powerful in both their banality and their sense of whimsy. The small statues are carefully painted with wrinkles and world weary expressions that would be at home in any busy city, yet placing the scenes in unexpected places (for example, around a small puddle in a busy street) irresistibly catches people’s attention.

Check out Cordal’s website to see more innovative uses of his cement statues.

What do you think of Cordal’s artwork? What other innovative ways could we use to spread awareness of environmental issues?


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