Environmental APPlications

Crystal Plew and Devon Lyttle show off their favorite water bottles.

Who doesn’t like a great app – one that is entertaining, educational and/or makes your day-to-day tasks a step easier? At Unspoiled.org, we love apps that empower us, those galvanizing us to DO what you REALLY WANT … save money, practice a hobby, eat better, attend a place of worship, exercise more … go a step farther in being our best selves.

Amazi is one app we love. Crystal Plew and Devin Lyttle, founders of Amazi, created an app to make it easy to find locations to fill …read more

Cities and Individuals Tap into the Tap Water Tide

Mineral water being poured from a bottle into a glass.

Washington, D.C. water outreach specialists are seeking a new mascot: Wendell (or Wendy) the Water Drop. It was a job tip blanketed across the web by blogs and news media this week, culminating in a follow-up lifestyle feature, which highlights the Water Drop mascot audition process, in The Washington Post.

While reading how participants danced to “Pour it Up” by Rihanna to audition for this odd mascot gig for D.C. Water (the capital’s water and sewer authority), I kept hoping the article would tell me exactly why Washington, D.C. …read more