From Vacants to Vegetables: How do I build a garden?

As reported in my last post, I obtained rights to build a community garden on a vacant lot from the City of Baltimore. But I have never actually gardened, and had no idea how to build a garden from scratch. After doing my homework, and looking into examples of urban gardens online and around the city, I had a better idea of where to start. So this is what I had to start with (see above). Not so great in the natural light department, but at least there wasn’t any trash to clean up!

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From Vacants to Vegetables: So You Want to Garden in the City?

Urban blight turned into gardens (Photo credit: Bob Elderberry)

Almost one year ago, I moved from rural New Hampshire to urban, post-industrial Baltimore. I had lived in cities for most of my life, but always felt a visceral connection to the “great outdoors”. I also love to cook and am a big fan of anything DIY. This past summer I bought several herbs and vegetables for my apartment to cook with. Window space quickly disappeared, but my desire to grow did not. It became clear that I needed more space; I needed an urban garden.

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7 Wacky Places To Grow Food

There are tons of environmental, health, and personal benefits to growing your own food. A garden can be a great way to produce cheap, local, organic, and delicious food for you and your family. However many of us (particularly fellow urban dwellers) are stopped because we don’t think we have a space to grow. One solution is to join a local community garden if your neighborhood has one. Another is to use one of these creative ideas for growing food in unlikely spaces:

Photo Credit: soula pefkaros

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