Greenhouse gas emissions? They can track that.

Sascha Felnagel/Fotopedia

Greenhouse gas emissions are no longer just those imaginary clouds of nothingness in the sky. They are suddenly tangible and measurable – neighborhood block by neighborhood block – with a new interactive map produced by researchers at Arizona State University and Purdue University.

Hestia, a detailed map of a city that shows red columns as emissions indicators, was built to bring awareness to the public about their collective carbon footprint and show policy makers the neighborhoods most in need of greenhouse gas reduction. Hestia already has a map for Indianapolis, Phoenix and Los Angeles are next. Then, …read more

Curbside Composting vs. Big Trash

San Francisco stands as the poster child for promoting composting. The city successfully planted the curbside composting seed 16 years ago, and today, recovers 600 tons of yard and food waste every day.

Throwing banana peels, egg shells, leaves, and limbs into heaps of compost preserves dwindling space in dumps and ultimately saves cities like San Francisco money. It also eliminates much of the methane produced by organic matter in dumps and cuts emissions by (potentially) millions of metric tons a year.

While 100 cities have curbside composting programs in place now, why haven’t business and environmental minds alike …read more