UN Climate Panel: Poor Will Suffer More from Climate Change

bangladesh flooding 1 (Photo credit: Peter Casier)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a UN panel, met in Japan earlier this week and released the second of three parts of a report to be published this year on the effects of climate change. The report attempts to discover the affects of climate change on human society in the coming decades. After September’s section of the report found climate change to be “the greatest challenge of our time,” what additional findings would the second part of the report offer?

The report found that unless we act to reduce carbon emissions …read more

7 Wacky Places To Grow Food

There are tons of environmental, health, and personal benefits to growing your own food. A garden can be a great way to produce cheap, local, organic, and delicious food for you and your family. However many of us (particularly fellow urban dwellers) are stopped because we don’t think we have a space to grow. One solution is to join a local community garden if your neighborhood has one. Another is to use one of these creative ideas for growing food in unlikely spaces:

Photo Credit: soula pefkaros

1) Feed Your Family from Your Pool: The Garden Pool is one …read more