Deeper Than Fracking

UNspOILed has covered fracking–otherwise known as hydraulic fracturing twice in the last six months and this week’s post will make a third. The initial post is titled “Maryland’s Choice: Renewable Energy of Fracking?” and it explained many of the ways fracking would hurt rather than help the state of Maryland. The following month’s posting, titled “Who Gives A Frack?!” examined the process and attempted to give an unbiased explanation of its benefits and consequences.

This month, however, is about how and why those consequences manifest.

According to Reuters, “seismologist Austin Holland of the Oklahoma Geological Survey said …read more

Peak Oil and a Peek at Reducing your Oil Production at Work

Peak oil ahead (Photo credit: Viktor Hertz)

CNN contributor David Frum seeks to re-define the term “peak oil” for the United States in his article ‘Peak oil doomsayers proven wrong’.

The term “peak oil” was used to refer to the speculation that the world was nearing its peak oil production rates five years ago and that sometime in the near future (now), oil production would begin to dry up.

Fast- forward to today. World oil production continues to rise. The United States will reclaim its spot atop the list of most oil producing countries in 2017.

Instead of throwing …read more