UN Climate Panel: Poor Will Suffer More from Climate Change

bangladesh flooding 1 (Photo credit: Peter Casier)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a UN panel, met in Japan earlier this week and released the second of three parts of a report to be published this year on the effects of climate change. The report attempts to discover the affects of climate change on human society in the coming decades. After September’s section of the report found climate change to be “the greatest challenge of our time,” what additional findings would the second part of the report offer?

The report found that unless we act to reduce carbon emissions …read more

Raising Awareness of Climate Change Through Art

Château des Ducs – Isaac Cordal (Photo credit: Objectif Nantes)

Climate change has long been one of our recurring topics here at UNspOILed – no surprise given its importance to the future of the environment. However, because it is such a frequent topic, it can be easy to ignore yet another article discussing it. With this kind of awareness fatigue, it becomes imperative to craft new and innovative ways of presenting the issue.

One innovative way is through art. An excellent example of this is the work of Isaac Cordal, an artist who constructs small but powerful scenes around …read more

C.I.A. Report Recognizes Climate Change as a National Security Risk

“The U.S. intelligence community is expected to provide indicators and warnings of a wide variety of security threats…”

This phrase begins the report summary, commissioned by the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies and conducted by the National Research Council, to explain why the United States is now evaluating one of the last things typically linked to national security: global warming.

The National Research Council found a very apparent national security link climate change, however. Erratic weather events like Hurricane Sandy provide a picture of what a warming climate can do to disrupt water supplies, food markets, …read more

Frankenstorm and Climate Change: Better Friends than We Think?

While reporters everywhere donned heavy-duty ponchos to cover the devastation taking place in the wrath of Sandy/the powerful nor’easter that became Frankenstorm earlier this week, scientists saturated the news with a different kind of story: a debate about how closely the Frankenstorm is tied to Climate Change.

The wealth of blogs and news sites covering the science of the storm left the collective verdict somewhere out at sea, but there’s one thing they seem to all agree on: climate change has and will enhance a hurricane’s intensity.

Popular Science asked Andrew Freedman, a spokesperson for a non-profit dedicated to climate …read more

Creating Clouds to Combat Climate Change

We’ve all felt the reverberating effects of climate change in 2012 through flooding, droughts, and heat waves. Developing environmental policies may slow climate change’s negative effects, but a group of international scientists wants to do more than implement policies in the global warming battle.

These scientists gaze toward the heavens for guidance, taking inspiration from those wispy white things that sometimes take the shape of a dog or car.

Scientists are proposing a small-scale experiment that would test the creation of man-made clouds to help block the effects of global warming. The process, called “cloud-brightening”, would send particles of …read more