From Vacants to Vegetables: You Got Your Garden Plot, Now What?

414 E 26th Street, Baltimore, MD. Here is the vacant property I adopted. Not too big, but a good amount of space to get started.

So I got my plot, pictured right, exactly one month after applying. Now what do I do? How do I go about turning a vacant city lot into a vegetable garden? Let’s start off with what I can’t do, and what I have to do.

According to the license agreement with the city, I can’t install “permanent landscaping,” such as an orchard or a tree farm. This is due to the fact that at …read more

Combating Pollution with Oysters

Swamibu – Flickr

They are a known aphrodisiac and a raw food delicacy, but could oysters also help reverse the pollution that continues to seep into our waterways?

Oysters are bivalve mollusks that filter nitrogen compounds and help to improve water quality. While urban farming grows in popularity across the United States, oyster cultivation could be part of the aquatic answer to greening our communities.

Over the years natural oyster populations have diminished around the country. Those living near the Delaware inland bays took notice and began volunteering their time to garden baby oysters and help replenish the population …read more