Composting in the City

I first learned about composting in 2009 while living in an intentional community in the upper level of a rehabbed church in Post-Katrina New Orleans. Seven of us shared one refrigerator, one common living area, and one small trash can, and one even smaller trash can. The second trash can was actually more like a canister—less than a foot high, roughly eight inches in circumference and was used for compost scraps.

There are multiple forms of composting, but the most common form for city dwellers is Backyard composting. You combine browns (fallen leaves or straw), greens (grass clippings and …read more

“Ask a Master Gardener”

From Engineer to Master Gardener: NAVFAC Pacific Employee Serves Community Selflessly (Photo credit: NAVFAC)

Would you like to know what is knocking out your Knock Out rose? Why the bloom is off your lilac? Do you have tomato trouble? The lavender blues? Are you eager to learn about safe, effective and sustainable horticultural practices? And, would you like to help share these with the community? In either case, the Master Gardener program may be for you.

If you need to have a plant or insect identified, a plant disease diagnosed, or just a gardening question answered, then “Ask a …read more

April Is National Garden Month

Boston: Public Garden (Photo credit: wallyg)

By now, most of the country is showing some bloom in the landscape even if it may not quite be time to put tender plants in the ground. Serious gardeners have been scrounging garden catalogues since January and sharpening their tools in preparation for digging. To mark this national greening, The National Garden Association has declared April National Garden Month.

Even if you do not have what could officially qualify as a garden in the strictest sense of the word, there are ways you can join in the celebration.

1. Visit a public …read more