Tips for Reducing Food Waste

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As I continue my New Year “intention” to be more resourceful, which I posted about in January, I’ve come across another 29 Tips to Reduce Food Waste. Given the estimated 40% food supply that Americans throw away each year – and that food waste is one of the largest components of solid waste in U.S. landfills – I am thrilled to see among the list things I am alreadydoing to reduce food waste:

  • Prepare a list for Grocery Shopping
  • Check for ingredients I currently have
  • Consider substituting ingredients when possible – or be adventurous!
  • Follow the FIFO Rule – first in, first out
  • Freeze extras
  • Anticipate Planned Overs – the opportunity to cook an entirely different meal with remaining ingredients; here’s a good Cook Once, Eat Twice resource
  • Never go Grocery Shopping hungry – have a snack if necessary

In addition, I am glad to see some new habits to adopt:

  • Buy funny-looking produce that are otherwise thrown away because their size, shape or colors don’t quite match what we think these items “should” look like. Try asking for “seconds” at your local Farmer’s Market, which is the term local sellers use for funny-looking produce.
  • Monitor what you throw away – write down everything you throw out. 
  • Note upcoming expiration dates on foods you already have at home, and plan meals around the products that are closest to their expiration.

What are some ways you could eliminate food waste?

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